"A Blessed Collection of 888 Bitcoin Wealth Gods Created to Bring You Good Luck."

Bitcoin Wealth Gods NFT 財神比特 smiling happily
Bitcoin Wealth Gods NFT 財神比特 looking surprised
Wealth Gods NFT 財神比特NFT smiling happily

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Welcome to the
Bitcoin Temple 🏮🧧

Here lives a collection of Bitcoin Wealth Gods from the Heavenly realm. Disturbed by the monetary imbalance caused by the Cantillon effect, the Bitcoin Wealth Gods have come to Earth to restore the balance by accelerating the adoption of a Bitcoin Standard.

Wealth God, also known as Cai Shen, is a lucky figure worshipped in the Chinese tradition. Throughout history, Wealth God has embraced gold as a store of value, but after excessive money printing and inflation, he knows that the world needs a 21st century upgrade and opted for a decentralised, incorruptible, anti-fragile solution which is Bitcoin.

Each Wealth God is a guardian and has the power to bless their token holders with good fortune, vitality and wealth. Legend has it, the purer your heart, the more blessings Wealth God will send your way.

Bitcoin Wealth God 財神比特 smiling happily, looking cute

Project Road Map

Phase 1: The Spark

Good Prana: Mint and receive a life-time of abundance energy from our blessed NFT!

True Connects: Access a community of people who you can have fun, connect, and mastermind with! We are here to help each other succeed in our manifestation journey.

Phase 2: Let's Build

Temple Construction: We envision a Temple where you can pray and receive omens from Bitcoin Wealth God to aid you in your manifestation journey. A scared online Temple that fulfils your spiritual needs.

Phase 3: Let's Co-create

This stage is all about engaging with you! Tell us what you want us to solve around your manifestation journey, and we will design from your inputs.

The Deeper Meaning of Our Project

Why: Our mission is to help the world live a happy and prosperous life. It will be a world where people have ample clothing and food (豐衣足食) and a safe home and happy career (安居樂業).

How: The Yang or outwards approach is by accelerating Bitcoin's adoption. If we fix the money, we will fix a lot of the world's problems. Our Yin is through wellness, "As Within, So Without" We can only be as abundant with our inner abundance.

The Tokenomics

60% of NFT sales will go to the Creators Fund where it will be split amongst the creators. And 40% of sales will go to the Community Fund reserved for future expansion.

For royalties, we will set it at 8.88% on secondary sales where 60% of the royalty will go to the Community Fund (0.6 x 8.88%) and 40% will go to the Creators Fund (0.4 x 8.88%).

And for future revenue streams such as merchandise, experiences, and tools and more, we plan to also split the profits to the Creators and Community Fund. Percentages will be based project by project.


What are Bitcoin Wealth Gods?

Bitcoin Wealth Gods is a unique generative art collection and community created to help you live a prosperous good life.

When and where can I mint Bitcoin Wealth Gods?

You will be able to mint this collection on our website with a Solana compatible Wallet. We are also in discussions to list our collection on other Solana NFT platforms for secondary sales.

How is the collection blessed? How does it work? 

The Bitcoin Wealth Gods collection will be blessed through a Buddhist initiation process called Kaji (加持) or Adhiṣṭhāna in Sanskrit. The NFT will incorporate blessings of good health, wealth and happiness to help bring you positive energies.

For the blessings to properly work, you would have to activate the connection between you and your Bitcoin Wealth God, and you can do that through a simple prayer or meditation. We will send send out a simple manual after your mint.

What are the benefits of owning a Bitcoin Wealth God?

You will get full commercial use rights of your Bitcoin Wealth Gods, holders are also entitled to a membership that will provide them with special Temple access & exclusive benefits.

What is special about the number 8?

Eight (八), pronounced (Baat) in Cantonese or (Ba) in Mandarin, has a very similar pronunciation with 發, (Faat) in Canto or (Fa) in Mandarin and this word has a meaning of to sprout, to prosper, to get rich. Therefore in Chinese tradition number 8 has always been considered a lucky number.

Is there a rarity table?

Yes, we will display a rarity table as soon as possible, please stay tuned.

Which chain is the collection hosted on? 

The collection will be hosted on the Solana blockchain.

What wallets can I use for Solana?

There are lots of good Solana wallets out there, but we recommend using Phantom Wallet.

How to setup a Solana wallet?

We will post a link to our video tutorial ASAP.

Still have questions? DM our Twitter for further support
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